I am your meditation coach - and I am a horse.

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Meditate with a horse?

Yes, horses are experts at learning to meditate.

For over 10,000 years, horses have accompanied human beings on their journey of life.


They carry us through all phases and passages of our life, from childhood to death and even into the hereafter. In Native American traditions, babies' umbilical cord was tied to the horse's mane. And among the American Indians, until today, the horse is part of the family.

Mindfulness meditation, will the horse become your teacher?

Explore the universe of meditation with horses

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Meditation workshops and retreats

Our special retreats and workshops for learning to meditate with horses: Mindfulness Meditation, Meditation in Motion, EQ-Quest, Systemic Constellations with Horse, and The Horse Of Four Directions.

Monthly meditations

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Learn meditation techniques paving the way for intuitive communication with horses - but also all animals - through monthly meditations. The replays are accessible free of charge, upon registration as a member of the site HERE

Workshops - meditation guided by horses and Earth Day Meditations

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The next dates

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